Helping corporates get closer to net-zero blog

Helping corporates get closer to net-zero blog
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With the rise of legality and compliance, the importance of reputation and the pressing responsibility to act swiftly it is important for corporates to factor net-zero agenda into their framework. As the global and consumer consciousness shifts towards a demand for sustainable initiatives it is important to meet societal expectations and fulfil a corporate responsibility to reduce impact on the environment and address the global challenges of climate change.

It can feel like a daunting task however through meaningful collaboration and consideration of the following, these are some of the ways to expedite the journey towards net zero.

Finding innovation and solutions through working with startups

Through our experience we know that startups are ahead of the curve. They are predicting tomorrow's problems and finding the solutions for them today. Their expertise lies in identifying and innovating but the expertise they require is knowledge and resources on scaling ideas. That is where corporates can step in by offering access to resources and networks through mentorship, programmes and funding. The best ideas don’t take off on their own, it is through meaningful collaboration that we can develop and implement solutions faster. That leads us to our next point on the importance of empowering and creating community.

Empowering communities through co-creation

Getting closer to net zero is not a solo venture. It involves community and engaging everyone at all levels. In some cases getting local communities and voices to engage with high-level agenda is essential to the mission. Communities are the ones who take local action to reduce emissions, such as promoting the use of low-carbon transportation methods, implementing recycling programs, and supporting renewable energy projects that impact their lives. It is a method of scaling that supports startup innovation and ambition. Ensuring that there is clear communication and tangible opportunities to listen to community members perspectives empowers everyone to collaborate on building out a plan of action that feels meaningful and relevant to all involved.

Changing mindset and approach

With the entrepreneurial drive from start-ups and the value of community collaboration, this creates an agile approach. The ambition and vitality helps shift outdated ways of working and thinking and helps bring a fresh attitude to the mission.

That is why at Startup Discovery School, we are on a mission to connect startups to wider networks. We champion innovation and want to ensure that these solutions are given an adequate opportunity to thrive in their ambition to address some of the world's most pressing challenges.

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