April 6, 2020

After Cornavirus: Changes to the Startup Ecosystem (Video)

After Cornavirus: Changes to the Startup Ecosystem (Video)
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Regardless of final destination, we can all agree that things will be different in a post-Cornavirus world.

I’ve spent the last decade working across the UK Startup Ecosystem and the road ahead reminds of those early days back in 2008–10 in the aftermath of the financial crash.

During that period I worked for a well established Business Education charity focused on supporting young entrepreneurs. Over the course of 18 months, we lost funding, cut staff and eventually became a very different business to the one that existed pre-2008 (for the better with hindsight).

These changes were mirrored across the wider ecosystem. Funding and investment fell away, resources were redirected and what emerged after this period was very different from what existed before.

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